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The use of cybersecurity strategies to ensure that assets of a given organization are safe and that they do not land into unauthorized hands is what IT security is all about. Examples of assets which are protected through IT security are; computer, data and networks.

There are varied categories associated with IT security. The various forms of IT security are; endpoint security, network security, application security, internet security and cloud security. Network security is aimed at preventing hackers from accessing your network. With the help of endpoint security, devices for instance laptops and phones are protected from accessing malicious networks. Internet security helps to protect the information that is sent over the browsers online. Application security is another type of IT security which aims at to ensure that applications are not vulnerable to attacks. In order to ensure the security of applications and the public cloud, cloud security has been put into place.

There are various benefits of IT security. It is through IT security that potential breaches towards an organization can be avoided. IT security is quite beneficial because it will help an organization avoid security breaches which may bring about huge losses. It is with the help of IT security that both the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information of any organization can be achieved.

The other merit of IT security is that it enables employees to work safely within the organization. This is brought about by the fact that cyber-attack is avoided and therefore employees are able to work in a conducive environment where their efficiency and work flow is not affected and therefore this guarantees an increase in output of the organization. The confidence of customers is boosted with the help of IT security. It is with the help of IT security that cyber-attacks or threats are avoided thus helping customers and potential clients to build their trust into the organization.

This therefore helps them to purchase your commodities and to also use the services the organization offers especially online thus boosting the sales of the said organization. The other advantage associated with IT security is that it helps stop the shutting down of a company’s’ or organization’s website. IT security will assure you that the information of your organization stays protected and that it is not accessed by malicious users.

Incorporating IT security is a decision your organization will never regret. Since only authorized users can access and make changes to the sensitive information of the organization, this helps avoid cases related to security breaches. There is an increased need to protect the digital assets of any organization since hackers are getting smarter as the world evolves. Breaches are very costly and therefore one should not regret incorporating IT security despite the fact that it is expensive.

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