What to Expect at an Abortion Clinic

Sometimes, having a baby might not be the best option for you or your family. One option that you have is an abortion. While there are people who are against this procedure, it is one that can be considered if you’ve exhausted the other options that you have available. Before committing to having an abortion, you can talk to counselors and even your doctor to get all of the information about the procedure and what to expect when you go to the clinic as well as what you can expect when you get home.

When you visit an abortion clinic houston tx offers, you’ll usually fill out paperwork that asks how far along you are in the pregnancy. You’ll also need to complete information about your overall health and if you’ve had any other surgeries or procedures done in the past. Soon after you arrive at the clinic, you’ll meet with a counselor. This is where you’ll find out about the other options that you have and how an abortion can impact your body as well as your mind. You’ll then be taken to a room for an examination to determine how far along you are and the health of the baby. The doctor will also make sure that you’re healthy for the procedure. If everything is alright with the doctor, then the abortion will be performed. The procedure is usually performed in another room of the clinic so that you’re comfortable. Medicine is given so that you won’t have any pain.

Before the Abortion

Aside from counseling, you’ll have an ultrasound so that a nurse or a doctor can view your baby. Sometimes, you’ll be able to look at your baby, which is when some women change their mind about having an abortion. Someone will discuss the details of anything else that you need to do at the office before the abortion. You’ll learn about how to care for yourself after your procedure and usually receive information about counseling if it’s needed. There will likely be bleeding and cramping after you get home, but most clinics will prescribe pain medication so that you are comfortable while you’re healing. It’s important to spend the rest of the day relaxing. You’ll also want to have plenty of feminine products on hand for any bleeding that will occur.

What to Expect

There are a few different types of abortion procedures that can be performed, but a suction removal is the most common. Pain medication is given before the procedure begins. Some clinics offer sedation so that you aren’t aware of your surroundings. Antibiotics are often given to prevent an infection.

Medications are usually given to open your cervix. Dilator sticks are sometimes used as well. A nurse is usually in the procedure room with you to offer assistance to the doctor or to hold your hand if you are concerned. Small tubes are inserted into your uterus before suction tools are used to remove the tissues that are associated with the pregnancy.